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VS アプリ画像

Calculate 4 Damage at the same time

The biggest feature is that you can calculate 4 damage at the same time. Since you can save time and effort to input Move, quickly obtain the calculation result.

483 Pokémon are registered.

VS 登録済みポケモン検索
VS 登録済みポケモン検索
VS ガブリアスのポケモン管理画面

Ready To Battle

483 Pokémon commonly used in battle are registered from the beginning.
For example Garchomp, "Earthquake", "Outrage", EV "Attack 252", etc. are registered from the beginning.

483 Pokémon are automatically updated to match the battle environment.Even if new Pokémon and Moves are added, there is no need to edit one by one.

Also, if you edit to your liking, "Auto Update" will change to "Manual Edit".

【iOS】Please press "Save / Delete" then press "Finish With Save" to finish.

【Android】Please press "Register".

Sharpen the sense of damage.

VS iPod touch ダメージ計算

Meaning of speed.

It is very important to predict how much damage will occur during Rating Battle. It will be able to fight precisely predictably without mistakes and approaches victory. Sense of damage gradually learns by repeating battle and damage calculation.

Although saying "repeat damage calculation", the time of Pokémon trainer is limited. How can we do a lot of damage calculation within a limited time?

The answer is to use a fast calculator. A good damage calculator that sharpens the sense of damage is a fast thing.

In VS, you and your opponent's information are displayed on a screen that does not require scrolling. Even on 4-inch screens, you can achieve the same speed as a large-sized PC.

Dedicated system

VS ポケモンボタン

Pokémon Button

This button is a special part made by stacking multiple images.In order to fit in a limited space, Pokémon name and type are one. In the past, applications that used pictures of Pokémon have been discontinued, so we needed a way to display Pokémon and type other than images. Damage calculator is an important existence that supports Pokémon Battle culture, I think that risk like using Pokémon image should be avoided.

VS スワイプ


Swipe is also features.
【iOS】You can back with the right swipe from most places on the screen, and the popup can be closed with the bottom swipe.
【Android】You can navigate between pages such as "Damage Calc." and "Pokémon Mgmt.".

VS 検索ボタン

Incremental Search

In the search pop-up such as Pokémon search, it will search at the moment you type the character.







Management system

You can register and manage 1000 Pokémon. Once you register your Pokémon you will be able to use it for damage calculator and calculate faster.
【iOS】Also you can register 6 teams and 1000 battle records. In the record you can leave a result of the battle and memo. Record exceeding 1000 will be deleted from old one.

VS テンキー

Numeric keypad with adjustment function

The plus or minus button used to adjust EV is arranged in the numeric keypad. The Status and EV are 3 digits, IV is 2 digits, and it closes automatically.

VS 加算機能

Add Damage

It is a function to calculate by combining two damage. For example, you can calculate how much probability you can defeat by adding "Power-Up Punch" and "Double-Edge". This button is displayed by pressing the button on the right side of the damage.


VS uses result of damage formula research. Based on Smogon University, we added a research of actual 3DS after Pokémon XY. This research result is used for various damage calculator besides VS.

サン・ムーン世代専用 ダメージ計算式調査スレッド >

If there is any incompleteness, I would be pleased if you can contact Twitter (@ OZY_Project 97). I will correct it soon.
Since the maximum damage is set to 999, overflow is not supported.

@OZY_Project97 >

Privacy Policy

User data

User Pokémon data, Team data, Result data are saved in App. These data are not collected and not provided.


In order to improve the quality, Versus include Google Analysis. The data is anonymous, only aggregates the number of clicks.


In order to compensate for expenses, Versus include Google Ad. Google collects data to improve services. For details please check the privacy policy.

https://policies.google.com/privacy >

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